Sunday, October 12, 2014

Market Demand Of Flyash Bricks


180 billion tones of common burnt clay bricks are consumed annually approximately 340 billion tones of clay- about 5000 acres of top layer of soil dug out for bricks manufacture, soil erosion, emission from coal burning or fire woods which causes deforestation are the serious problems posed by brick industry. The above problems can be reduced some extent by using fly ash bricks in dwelling units.

Demand for dwelling units likely to raise to 80 million units by year 2015 for lower middle and low income groups, involving an estimated investment 0f $670 billion, according to the Associated chamber of commerce and industry. Demand for dwelling units will further grow to 90 million by 2020,which would requires a minimum investment of $890billion. The Indian housing sector at present faces a shortage of 20million dwelling units for its lower middle and low income groups which will witness a spurt of about 22.5million dwelling units by the end of Tenth plan period. There is ample scope for fly ash brick and block units.

In Chennai alone 1 crore bricks are required for constructional activities in every day. But good quality of bricks as well as required quantity are not available moreover during the rainey seasons supply of clay bricks are very difficult. Therefore, in order to fulfill the required demand there will be a great chance to start more units in the field of fly ash bricks.

At present 20nos units are engaged and 40 lakhs nos of bricks per month are manufactured in our state. And there will be scope to start near about 100 units, which will be produced more than 2 cores no of bricks per month in future. Thus marketing of these product are well shinning.

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