Monday, October 27, 2014


In order to understand how brick can contribute to sustainable building design, it is important to consider how brick is made, as well as how it is used. Brick manufacturing is a highly efficient process incorporating many sustainable practices as described below. Fly Ash s the inorganic mineral residue obtained after burning of coal/lignite in the boilers. Fly Ash is that portion of ash which is collected from the hoppers of ESP‘s and pond ash is collected from the ash ponds. Bottom ash is that portion of ash which can be collected fro the bottom portion of the boilers. The characteristics of fly ash depend upon the quality of lignite/coal and the efficiency of boilers. India depends upon primarily on coal for the requirement of power.The generation of fly ash is also likely to increase. The disposal of fly ash in the present method will be a big challenge to environment, especially when the quantum increases from the present level.

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